Portable Wall Heater

Introducing the Handy Heater: your instant source of warmth! Simply plug it in, and warmth fills the air. Its compact design offers ultimate convenience, while its powerful ceramic technology heats up to 250 square feet in a snap. Ideal for garages, bedrooms, bathrooms, and beyond, this heater eliminates messy cables, freeing up your floor space. With whisper-quiet functionality and an automatic shutoff timer, it’s both efficient and safe. Adjust the temperature between 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit using the easy-to-use thermostat. This Electric Handy Heater plugs into any standard socket, making it incredibly user-friendly. Plus, its portability allows you to carry it anywhere—tuck it into your bag, pocket, or even hold it in your hand for warmth on the go!


  1. Digital LED Display.
  2. Programmable 12-Hour Timer Quick And Easy Heat – Instantly Plugs In And Turn On!
  3. Adjustable Thermostat 15c-32c Auto Shut Off Timer High & Low Speed Settings Frees Up Floor Space

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